✓ Who are MVPs? What does take to become an MVP? What are the benefits?

✓ MVP Log & Planner Spreadsheet

Being a great contributor in your community, while necessary, is not enough for those aspiring to become an MVP or get renewed. You also need to prove it. That is why keeping records of ALL your contributions and their positive impact is as critical as the act of contributing.

I’ve created a simple but effective spreadsheet for you to use to log and plan your community activities so you can have a concrete picture of your current progress, set up your future goals, and have in one place the information you need when you get nominated for the MVP award—or whatever name your vendor calls it.


✓ Access now to the recording of my Masterclass

This is what you'll learn:

  • Who MVPs are

  • Key benefits to MVPs

  • The process to become an MVP 

  • Myths that may be stopping you

  • 4x Principles of MVPs

  • 4x Tactics you should implement to become an MVP and keep up being one

  • And much more!

✓ FULL Training in English with +30 lessons in short videos to help you succeed in your MVP goals!

I'm putting it ALL together for you, from the basis to how to get the most of your MVP powers once you get recognized by your tech vendor. 

No matter your starting point neither your tech vendor.


¿Hablas español?

✓ Entrenamiento completo en español, con +30 lecciones en  videos cortos que te ayudarán a alcanzar tus objetivos como MVP!

He recopilado todo este material para ti, desde lo más básico hasta como sacarle el máximo provecho a tus poderes como MVP, una vez que seas reconocido.

No importa tu punto de partida ni tu proveedor de tecnología.

You can also take your career and your life to higher levels!