Are you passionate about software technology and wanna take your career to higher levels?

Have you ever wondered why some individuals are recognized by their tech vendors as MVPs (Most Valuable Professionals) and enjoy exclusive privileges?

Did you know you can also become one even if you aren't a tech guru or you don't have the time?


Becoming the

Most Valuable


in Your Tech




The principles, strategies, most common mistakes to avoid, habits to develop, and secrets you need to know to truly transcend boundaries in your career and become a better you by positively impacting others.

Becoming the Most Valuable Professional in Your Tech Community provides you with these essentials for success:


Core principles and values to incorporate for your MVP journey

Ways to communicate the benefits of being an MVP to employers

Myths about MVPs, what it takes, and who can be one

Common Pitfalls MVP aspirants need to avoid

✓ The Four Strategic Pillars that will help you reach your MVP goals

✓ Key Steps to in your journey toward your nomination (and renewal)

Advice on how to make the most of your MVP powers

How nomination processes work according to most vendors and what you need to consider before getting nominated

As a bonus, the book includes Take Action! sections for putting what you learn into practice and helping you tailor your own MVP strategy and journey.


MVP means passion for innovation, supporting the community and networking with the greatest international talent. All of this changed my professional career forever, thanks to the mentorship of Pablo Peralta.

— Pablo J. Moreno (Microsoft MVP), DELL EMC Data Scientific