Becoming the Most Valuable Professional in Your Tech Community

The principles, strategies, most common mistakes to avoid, habits to develop, and secrets you need to know to truly transcend boundaries in your career and become a better you by positively impacting others

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This is what you'll learn:

  • Who MVPs are

  • Key benefits to MVPs

  • The process to become an MVP 

  • Myths that may be stopping you

  • 4x Principles of MVPs

  • 4x Tactics you should implement to become an MVP and keep up being one

  • And much more!

Who are MVPs?

Most Valuable Professionals, or MVPs, are technology experts who passionately share their knowledge with the community. They are publicly distinguished by technology vendors including Microsoft, Salesforce, Sitecore, Embarcadero, and several others.

SAP refers to them as Champions, Oracle as ACEs, Google as Developer Experts, Amazon (AWS) as Heroes, but the essence of these extraordinary professionals is the same. Their expertise in their vendor’s products combined with their support and contributions to their communities, make them recognized as thought leaders in their field wherever they go.

MVPs enjoy exclusive benefits such as early access to products, preferred support, and invitations to exclusive events. They are sought-after conference speakers and represent the most coveted talent among technology companies.

Becoming an MVP is not a career path for everyone, but may be right for you if you are passionate enough and ready to take your career to higher levels.

Transcend boundaries in your career and become a better you!

Learn how you can make the difference in your technical community and live an MVP life

Becoming an MVP is not a career path for everyone, but may be right for you if you are passionate enough and ready to take your career to higher levels.

Becoming the Most Valuable Professional in Your Tech Community provides you with these essentials for success:

  • Core principles and values to incorporate for your MVP journey

  • Ways to communicate the benefits of being an MVP to employers

  • Myths about MVPs, what it takes, and who can be one

  • Common Pitfalls MVP aspirants need to avoid

  • The Four Strategic Pillars that will help you reach your MVP goals

  • Key Steps to in your journey toward your nomination (and renewal)

  • How nomination processes work according to most vendors and what you need to consider before getting nominated

  • Advice on how to make the most of your MVP powers

As a bonus, I use the Take Action! sections for putting what you learn into practice and helping you tailor your own MVP strategy and journey.

Becoming the Most Valuable Professional in Your Tech Community takes you beyond any vendor’s recognition or award. This journey will shape the path of your professional career as you reach for your goals in the most gratifying ways—truly making a difference in your community.

What's in the book?

MVP means passion for innovation, supporting the community and networking with the greatest international talent. All of this changed my professional career forever, thanks to the mentorship of Pablo Peralta

Pablo J. Moreno (Microsoft MVP), DELL EMC Data Scientific

This is the book I should have written. Being an MVP previously and now managing an MVP Program, I can tell that this is the best summary so far how becoming an MVP works. The attitude and passion are key attributes for anyone who is considering to step on this road. Debunking the myths and avoiding the pitfalls can help to move on faster, while having a strategy is essential to get there. Sharing your knowledge and experience is the most rewarding thing on Earth, so even if you do not want to be an MVP, read this book to become a more valuable community member.

Tamas Varga, Manager of the MVP Program at Sitecore

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Being a great contributor in your community, while necessary, is not enough for those aspiring to become an MVP or get renewed. You also need to prove it.

That is why keeping records of ALL your contributions and their positive impact is as critical as the act of contributing.

I’ve created a simple but effective spreadsheet for you to use to log and plan your community activities so you can have a concrete picture of your current progress, set up your future goals, and have in one place the information you need when you get nominated for the MVP award—or whatever name your vendor calls it.


Pablo Peralta, 10-time Microsoft MVP

PABLO PERALTA is a tech entrepreneur and knowledge broker who loves participating in and creating communities. Due to his unique consistent contributions as an event speaker and organizer, instructor, writer, forum moderator, and other volunteer leadership positions, he was recognized by Microsoft as a Most Valuable Professional (MVP) in 2010, which was his first time to receive this honor, and has renewed this recognition every year since.

In 2012, Pablo founded Comunidad365, the #1 Spanish-speaking community related to Microsoft Business Solutions—later acquired by Dynamic Communities, Inc.—serving as a platform for hundreds of great individuals to openly connect, learn, and share their passion for Microsoft products.

It was especially through that platform that Pablo made several amazing new friends and had the blessing to mentor some of them to finally get awarded as MVPs because of their great contributions to the community.

Pablo embraced the mission of inspiring extraordinary leaders like you to succeed in their desire to share their knowledge with the community and become better selves.

If you are committed to achieving great things in your tech community and would like some professional advice, do not hesitate in reaching out to him (English, Spanish, or Portuguese).



Choose the format that you prefer (Hardcover, Paperback or E-book), transcend in your career as an MVP, support my mission and be just great!

"As I read the first few pages I had a mixed thought: 'This guy is exactly describing my personal situation regarding the MVP and he has exactly described the actions that I have taken.' That hooked me, 30 pages later I was completely immersed in the book. 

Thanks I had good advisers in the technical community I was already following some of the advice included in the book, persevering, and unselfishly sharing my knowledge. Coincidentally (or not), 1 month after having the book in my hands, I received the recognition as a Microsoft MVP. At first, you are overwhelmed by the amount of information you receive and it was in the book that I found the solution, applying its advice."

Javier Menendez Pallo
PhD in Artificial Intelligence, Microsoft MVP

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